Isnin, 26 Ogos 2019



SENIN  26/8/19

Shares across Asia fall sharply amid US-Chinese trade tensions

Australia’s ASX200 index down 1.46%, Tokyo off 2% and Hong Kong falls 3.3% as fears grow about a global recession

Hong Kong protests: dozens arrested as government warns of 'very dangerous situation'

Twelve-year-old among those detained after violent clashes that involved the police using water cannon and firing a warning shot

West Papua: thousands expected at fresh protests after week of violence

Rallies that began after military taunted Papuans with racist slurs have led to the government blocking internet in the region


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Tanpa Nama berkata...

malaysia segelintir mahasiswa ada telur terun melawan... tengok macam pakai baju hitam belaka ... kah kah kah.. hang tak turun ke tt?