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Kuda Kepang
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Imam arrested for raping multiple women, girls

Used to threaten victims with wrath of Jinns before committing the crime
An Imam of a mosque was arrested for raping multiple women and girls after scaring them with retribution of Jinns if they did not comply. 

Members of Rapid Action Battalion-1 (RAB-1) arrested Idris Ahmed, 42, from the Dakshinkhan area of Uttara, in Dhaka on Monday.

After bringing Idris to face the media at a briefing yesterday afternoon, Caption of RAB-1 Lt Col Md Sarwar Bin Kashem said Idris was an Imam at a Dakshinkhan mosque, as well as a teacher of its madrasa,  for the last 18 years.

"We had received allegations of him raping at least five women and 12 teenage girls, after threatening them with unleashing Jinns on them if they did not listen to him," he said.

The captain said Idris was also responsible for raping the mosque's Khadem and the madrasa's students as well. "He used to record his crimes and warned them of not speaking about it to anyone."

The RAB official also added that Idris had confessed to his crimes, while a case was filed against him with the Dakshinkhan police station.


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