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Baru sodat ko Melayu tulen. Tapi Melayu tulen tu siapo. Sojak dari MEDERKA, mano ada Melayu tulen menjadi Piem? Dari Siam, Bugis, Turki, Mamak Kerala, Cino Kacukan, Bugis, Mamak Kerala, Jawo dan Jawo... yang dah jadi Piem. MANO ada Melayu tulen. Mamak Kerala mengakui dia Melayu tapi dia kata darah dia tu masih ada sesudu Mamak Kerala. 

Berpuluh tahun dia dah MEMERINTAH.. terpersona termasuk la ramai yang Melayu tulen tu malah sampai sekarang pun... Melayu tulen hanya takut kat apek sepet je memerintah kononnya kuat menipu dan akan hapuskan Melayu semuanya.. Tapi hakikatnya dah ditipu kaw kaw oleh Melayu celup yang masih ada sesudu darah Mamak Kerala dan wang habis dikebas mereka termasuk yang Bugis... tapi takpe la, mereka masih orang kito ? Yang lain itu bukan manusia, Tuan Ala silap cipta !

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KitajagaKita berkata...

The lies and hatred that spout from Free Malaysia Today seems never ending but Adzhar Ibrahim kaling spin on freight forwarders need respinning. His colonized mind never seem to forget that the Christian Queen Elizabeth is no more involved in our affairs. But first, Kaling is just our word for migrants from the great land of India with its various Tamil , Punjab etc tribes which we dont understand. It is not meant to be offensive.
Adzhar Ibrahim seems to be allergic to Malays as you can see from his stream of inane ranting against the Malays in Free Malaysia Today but we have freedom of speech and thoughtless thinking so FMT is free to regurgitate gleefully anything that advance the Chinese and Kaling cause. First of all let us remind Adzhar that the Govt make the laws in the best interest of the rakyat and country after studies and careful consideration on the justification and fairness of economic distribution.
Did Adzhar Ibrahim or FMT make any hula dance when the Kaling fat cow were given RM300 million loan from the poor Sabah Bank? Did FMT fact check that Kaling really created 100,000 jobs!! when he coaxed the poor people of Sabah for the loan? Did FMT and Adzhar make a big huha when the same Kaling announce he will apply for govt guarantee loan of 1000 million and more? With debt of 23 billions? FMT knows that Chinese fat pig Jho Low took out 24 billion govt guarantee loan and not a squeek from Adzhar haha.. Adhzar Ibrahim become a meeky mouse when kaling fat cows and chinese fat pigs took hundred thousand acres of native land in Sarawak while still portraying himself as fighter for poor Sarawak natives.
Hello Adzhar just search IOI native land, or gamuda, or Samling or Ta Ann etc before you get your spender in a twist on 51% freight licenses for Malays and bumiputeras.
Why should chinese fat pigs who migrated to the Malay States got to own hundred of thousands acres Sarawak forest to destroy for timber and oil palm while the bumiputeras remain poor?
And have you read the news Zuraida Kamaruddin will bring in 36 thousand! Banglas for these Chinese Fat Pigs Plantations? No comment from your nincompoop mind, or is it its okaylah for the coolies to be billionaires but the Malays and bumiputeras cannot be allowed to pick the fruits athought its their native land. Is it true that there are no labour to collect the fruits when it is known that people have been stealing fresh bunches voluntarily when they could? Oil palm is so valuable locals are willing to steal haha... But no Zuraida of PH mentality, Chinese FAt Pigs must be allowed to make 120 billions by 202 whatever excuses... Ever think about that? Ever make a noise the Human Labour Ministry said no foreign labour? Ever read the number of unemployed? Ever think how much will flow out to Bangladesh of the 120 billion?
If we make less but all go to local thenits better to make120 billions with massive outflows.
When that half Kaling UMNO President gave 2 airplanes for free did you gave syukur to God? Or just because you makan gaji at AirAsia then Kaling Fat Cats are ok!! When he gave monopoly of Satellite license IPPlicense,Maxis license to Kaling Fat Cat did you say syukur to God? Or did they bought you over with some miserly salary and thought Anada is Fat Cow no one! But limit the freight business in the Malay States to Malays and you will come out swinging..Malays Fat Cats no good, Fat Pigs and Fat Cows good hahaha.And receive a pat...
Do you know how to search Forbes and see the poor coolies who are now Fat Pigs?

Tanpa Nama berkata...

melayu tulen tu macam jamal abdillah.. rosyam noor.. itu melayu tulen.. melayu kolumpo..