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Kremlin Advisor Reveals 'Cure For US Aggression'

Putin's advisor also believes that Donald Trump is just "doing what the ruling elite expects him to do"

By Sergey Konkov

April 23, 2017 "Information Clearing House" -   April 21. /TASS/. The only way to stop the United States’ aggression is to get rid of dollar addiction, a Kremlin advisor said on Friday.

"The more aggressive the Americans are the sooner they will see the final collapse of the dollar as the only way for the victims of American aggression to stop this aggression is to get rid of the dollar. As soon as we and China are through with the dollar, it will be the end of the United States’ military might," Sergey Glazyev said in an interview with TASS.

Commenting on the policy of the new US president, Glazyev noted that Donald Trump is doing what the ruling elite expects him to do.
"I had no illusions about him, that he will change the policy. First, America’s aggressiveness in the world is rooted in the aspiration to preserve America’s hegemony in a situation when they have already ceded leadership in the economy to China," he said.
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"The United States has no tools to make all others use the dollar other than a truncheon. That is why they are indulging in a hybrid war with the entire world to shift the burden on their debts onto other countries, to confine all to the dollar and weaken territories they cannot control."

"In this context, the anti-Russian hysteria and growing Russophobia can be seen as a long-term factor linked with the specific interests of the United States’ ruling elite," the Kremlin advisor said.

"In objective terms, they are conducting a global hybrid war and in subjective terms, this war is aimed against us. More to it, as it always happens when a global leader is changed, the war is for control over rimland nations. In the period of WWI and WWII, Britain acted as a provoker in a bid to keep its global leadership. Now the United States is doing the same. And Trump expresses these interests," he said.

© Sergey Konkov/TASS

This article was first published by TASS


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Awanama berkata...

Yg ini aku tak berapa nak paham TT. Siapa putar siapa kencing?
Hisham: China-M'sia defence, diplomatic ties strengthened...
US Think Tanks: China maintains 'near-constant' patrols near S'wak shoals.
Atau ado udang sebalik pantai pasir sebutir?

JadiMatJeninLagiBaik berkata... macam tak tau pulak atau buat-buat tak tau? Itu orang gila kena rasuk mau full spectrum dominance mah...

Segala-gala nya itu orang gila kena rasuk mau kontrol mah...apa you boleh fikir, dia mau kontrol...
Land...Sea...Air...Information...Space...Energy...Health...Food...Water...Belief...Anything you can think of...

Nazrio berkata...

Abu jahaL Masa Lepak2 depan ka'baH biLa dengar isu Muhammad di madina,.... Dia hanya minat atur perang,... Tak minat daH benda2 macam dedaK BRiM ni... Ini keLebihan abu-abu mekah