Rabu, 28 Februari 2018


Aku pulak nak ingatkan korang semua, malaysia darul hilang, malaysia boleh hilang macam-macam. Pastor koh hilang sampai sekarang tak tau cerita? Jo lo hilang sampai sekarang tak tau mana? Bruno manser hilang sampai sekarang tak jumpa? Rekod altantuya masuk malaysia hilang dari imigresen tak jumpa? 


Mh370 hilang dari radar sampai sekarang tak tau berita? Ingat jugak enjin jet tudm hilang dari stor sampai argentina? Dan sekarang... Jeng jeng... Seized tanker mysteriously goes  - missing - in Tanjung Piai. The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) today confirmed that a tanker, the MT Pratama 128, has gone missing. 


The vessel was previously stopped by MMEA personnel for offences committed under the Malaysian Shipping Ordinance 1952, before it was taken to Tanjung Piai, Johor. The vessel, which had eight crew members, was seized and docked at the Tanjung Piai jetty last Friday. The vessel is now confirmed to be missing. Investigators are now recording statements from the officers on MAHATHIR INGATKAN KITA SEMUA
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on 2/27/18


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