Rabu, 9 Mac 2016







Isis air strikes: Civilian death toll from western bombing 'set to reach 1,000 within days': The revelation comes as David Cameron faces mounting pressure to honour his pledge to update Parliament on the impact of Britain’s military contribution to the war.
Clashes broke out between tribe in Fallujah and ISIS after executing 50 civilians: The statement added, “The clashes broke out due to the execution of 50 people belonging to the tribe who were previously arrested by ISIS.”
SIS attack kills, wounds 7 people west of Karbala: The member of Karbala Provincial Council Mahfouz al-Tamimi announced on Tuesday, that 7 people were either killed or wounded in an attack launched by ISIS west of the province.
Airstrike hits Syrian market, killing ‘at least 19’: The death toll from the airstrike on a market selling diesel in rebel-held Idlib Province was likely to rise.
U.S. Regime, Sets Up Air Base in North Hasakah: Splitting the Political and Territorial Integrity of Syria:
PKK announces killing 26 Turkish soldiers near Iraqi borders: “Today the fighters of Kurdistan Workers Party repulsed a massive attack carried out by the Turkish army on Julmirk and Oormar areas near the Iraqi-Turkish borders,” pointing out that, “The clashes resulted in the killing of 26 Turkish soldiers.”
Turkey kills 114 people in Kurdish town: Anadolu Agency says the military concluded a 20-day operation in the mostly Kurdish town of Idil on Tuesday. It said however, that a curfew on the town will remain until further notice


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