Rabu, 1 Jun 2016




Philippine president-elect says 'corrupt' journalists will be killed

The Philippine president-elect Rodrigo Duterte said corrupt journalists were legitimate targets of assassination, as he amped up his controversial anti-crime crusade with offers of rewards for killing drug traffickers.
Duterte won this month’s elections by a landslide largely due to an explosive law-and-order platform in which he pledged to end crime within six months by killing tens of thousands of suspected criminals.
The foul-mouthed politician has launched a series of post-election tirades against criminals and repeated his vows to kill them – particularly drug traffickers, rapists and murderers. In a press conference called on Tuesday to announce the new cabinet, in his southern hometown of Davao, Duterte said journalists who took bribes or engaged in other corrupt activities also deserved to die.


kalau PM

yang korup

macam mana?


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Awanama berkata...

Duterte ini macam KONTOL BESAR saaja

Kontol Kechik biasa guna Mat Kampau , Mat Boroi buat kerja kotor aniaya rakyat

Mana nak cari KONTOL BESAR kat sini ???

Ada ke ?????

BEWAK mana ada kontol Abang !!!!!!!