Selasa, 1 September 2015


ekonomi sistem kapitalis
semakin sakit tenat
bulan sembilan
bulan sepuluh
diramal berlaku ledakan
setiap kali kapitalisma
dilanggar krisis
kaum pemodal akan melancarkan perang
untuk selamatkan diri


Asian stock markets rattled again after fresh evidence of Chinese slowdown

Asia Pacific stock markets were rattled again on Tuesday after Chinese manufacturing showed further signs of weakness, adding to evidence of an inexorable slowdown in the world’s second biggest economy.
Two closely watched barometers of factory activity released on Tuesday were at multi-year lows, reviving concerns about the state of the country’s economy which caused a major sell-off on the world’s financial markets last week.

The Nikkei share index in Japan closed down 3.8%, worsened by figures which showed Japanese firms are not investing in new plant and equipment because of concerns about demand from China.

The Chinese and Hong Kong stock markets were also in the red. The Shanghai Composite index was down 1.2%.
In Korea, the Kospi index was down 1% after worse than expected export figures and in Australia the ASX200 index closed down 2.12% as economic growth threatens to dip into negative territory for the latest quarter when figures are released on Wednesday.


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