Jumaat, 25 Julai 2014


untuk palestin
di masjid negara
jam 11:00 - hingga 3:00 petang


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The last Friday of Ramadan is marked around the world as Yaum al Quds.

Ali ibn Ibrahim has narrated from his father from al-Nawfali from al-Sakuni from abu ‘Abd Allah, recipient of divine supreme covenant, who has said the following: “The Messenger of Allah has said, ‘Whoever does not feel any concern about the affairs of Muslims is not a Muslim anymore.’”H 2017, CH 66, h 2

International Day of Al-Quds (Rooz-e jahaany-e Qods in Persian: روز جهانی قدس), is an annual event opposing Israel's control of Jerusalem, (Al-Quds in Arabic: القـُدْس). Anti-Zionist demonstrations are held on this day in some Muslim and Arab countries and by Muslim and Arab communities around the world, but especially in Iran where the occasion was first suggested. It is held each year on the last Friday of Ramadan. Jerusalem Day is not an Islamic religious holiday but a political event open to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, and thus observance is not obligatory in Islam.

The parade originated in Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The observance was suggested by Ayatollah Khomeini, then Supreme Leader of Iran, in August of that year, saying

“I invite Muslims all over the globe to consecrate the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as Jerusalem Day and to proclaim the international solidarity of Muslims in support of the legitimate rights of the Muslim people of Palestine. ”

“For many years, I have been notifying the Muslims of the danger posed by the usurper Israel which today has intensified its savage attacks against the Palestinian brothers and sisters, and which, in the south of Lebanon in particular, is continually bombing Palestinian homes in the hope of crushing the Palestinian struggle. I ask all the Muslims of the world and the Muslim governments to join together to sever the hand of this usurper and its supporters. I call on all the Muslims of the world to select as Jerusalem Day the last Friday in the holy month of Ramadan - which is itself a determining period and can also be the determiner of the Palestinian people’s fate - and through a ceremony demonstrating the solidarity of Muslims world-wide, announce their support for the legitimate rights of the Muslim people. I ask God Almighty for the victory of the Muslims over the infidels."[1]