Khamis, 5 Mei 2016





Britain could send hundreds more troops to Iraq: Britain is considering sending hundreds more military trainers and engineers to Iraq after America called for more UK help to battle Islamic State militants.

Turkey may dispatch troops to Syria if necessary: Davutoglu "We are ready to take all measures that we need, both inside Turkey and outside, to provide for our own security," Davutoglu said, adding, "If it becomes necessary, then we will send the ground forces."

Russia warns of retaliation as NATO plans more deployments in Eastern Europe: Russia will reinforce its western and southern flanks with three new divisions by the year-end, officials said on Wednesday, threatening retaliation to NATO's plans to boost its military presence in eastern members Poland and the Baltic States.

US forces arrive in southern Yemen: Report: Yemen’s al-Masirah television channel on Sunday quoted Tom Bawman, the National Public Radio’s Pentagon reporter, as saying that the troops had arrived in Yemen on April 25.


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