Isnin, 15 Ogos 2016


Baru sekarang aku faham maksud Karl Marx "agama adalah candu masyarakat". Didalam masyarakat yang ditekan oleh pemerintah, agama akan menjadi pedoman, harapan bagi melupakan kesengsaraan hidup harian. Ini adalah agama bersifat "candu baik": mengurangkan stres. 

Tetapi bila digunakan oleh puak pemerintah atau golongan penipu bertopengkan agamawan untuk membenarkan perbuatan salah terhadap rakyat, maka agama itu menjadi "candu racun" on SARAWAK REPORT PECAH LUBANG
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on 8/15/16


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Tanpa Nama berkata...

All religions preach tolerance and acceptance. We must be wary of the use of religion to spew hate and deny individuals their constitutional liberties and human rights.

Religion around the world has been corrupted by so many, what used to be beautiful has been used as a tool throughout generations for selfish gains.

Read, all 4 major religion and understand their teaching, you will see what I mean.
The Quran, Bible, Buddhist Sutras and Hindu Scriptures, they all point to one thing, being at peace with each other and living together.

During the dark ages, these are created as guidelines for mankind to better one's life, not to kill each other!

What happens to spirituality?
We all live together on this planet called earth, like it or not, we have to live with each other!

Why does people forget that we are actually one species, HUMAN.
Who cares about nationality or race or colour.
We are HUMAN, deal with it and be at peace !
The followers fight for rank and file.

Until this is not settled, they will continue claiming their religion is above all.
Only the matured understand this.


p.s. Are you MATURED to understand, every single that I have written?
I am not against any RELIGION, but I am against their fan-club! {CCC}

Tanpa Nama berkata...

To clarify: I am not promoting atheism nor did I opppse the concept of religion. I was merely quoting Marx's point of view on religion. Yes, the basic concept of religious came about when humans with thrir ever curious mind begin to pose 3 basic questions: Why are we here on Earth, What do we do in our life and What is there after death. Like I said, religion have a tendency to manifest a duality nature, like drug of some sort. Drugs are created originally for the sake of gumanity, a health remedy if you like. But abused, drugs will damage your cells and organs; more or less acting as poison. The same goes for religion, it could be a source of enlightenment and tranquilty but at the same time can be and have been used to sow discord and hatred amongst fellow humans