Jumaat, 11 Mac 2016






A Warning From the Bank for International Settlements : The Calm Before the Storm?
“We may not be seeing isolated bolts from the blue but the signs of a gathering storm that has been building for a long time.”

European Central Bank reveals strong stimulus plan: The ECB cuts main interest rate to zero and unveils new measures aimed at encouraging banks to increase lending.

European stocks turn lower as ECB says more rate cuts unlikely, banks up: European shares turned lower on Thursday after the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said more rate cuts were unlikely, but bank shares rose on plans for a new round of cheap funding.

IMF issues new warning on global economy: In a major speech to the National Association for Business Economics in Washington on Tuesday, the first deputy managing director of the IMF, David Lipton, said that it was “most disconcerting” that the rise in “risk aversion” was leading to a “sharp retrenchment in global capital and trade flows.”

US credit card debt balloons to $917B: What it means: While rising debt issuance usually points to a strong economy, danger could be lurking ahead.


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