Ahad, 13 November 2016


oit singapore, are you jealous with our lovely prime minister?are you jealous because johor state sell cheap water to you? are you jealous with our big fat first lady buy original and luxurios thing and your wife only buy made in china or made in bugis street hand bag??

please tell your fbi partner, are they enough intelligence to catch mr jho low or mr riza??where is you mr fbi when our big fat first lady show to the world where is mr riza was??

or you talk talk only..no action..your highnest sultan johor, please protect mr bugis najib from the kerajaan of temasik..please sell water to temasik with high price..if temasik send his commandor to attack, you dont worry my belove highnest..you will win if only send your hang cangkul to fight.. on NEGARA ISLAM YANG AMAT PELIK
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on 11/11/16


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