Selasa, 28 Jun 2016





akibat daru UK keluar EU
sedang dirasakan
kaum pemodal sedang gelabah
selama ini tuan empunya bank
selama ini tuan kapital
meraih keuntungan tanpa sempadan

buruh murah meloroh masuk ke UK
dari eropah timur

ini baru awalan dari impak keluar EU
kita belum lagi melihat
bagaimana ombak dari UK ini
akan melanda kapital globa;

kita tunggu
ombak ini akan sampai
bila kaum pemodal dalam kesusahan
ini adalah  berita gumbira
untuk kaum buruh rakyat biasa

UK loses triple-A credit rating in wake of Brexit vote

The UK has been stripped of its last AAA rating as credit agency Standard & Poor’s warned of the economic, fiscal and constitutional risks the country now faces as a result of the EU referendum result.
The two-notch downgrade came with a warning that S&P could slash its rating again. It described the result of the vote as “a seminal event” that would “lead to a less predictable stable and effective policy framework in the UK”. The agency added that the vote to remain in Scotland and Northern Ireland “creates wider constitutional issues for the country as a whole”.
S&P was the last of the big three ratings agencies to have a blue-chip rating on the UK’s credit-worthiness. Moody’s, which stripped the UK of its top notch rating amid the austerity cuts of 2013, said last week it might further cut its view of the UK.

Rating agency moves have the potential to make it more expensive for the government to borrow.
The S&P move came after another torrid day on the financial markets. The pound hit fresh 31-year lows and £40bn was wiped off the value of the UK’s biggest companies on Monday despite efforts by George Osborne to quell investors’ concerns about the economic and political ramifications of the Brexit vote.
After three days of silence in the wake of the referendum, the chancellor made a statement on Monday morning in a bid to calm the markets. However, sterling remained under sustained pressure on the foreign exchange markets as economists slashed their forecasts for UK economic growth. Wall Street was also weaker while continental bourses sold off sharply after Friday’s record $2tn of losses on global stock markets.
Expectations are now mounting that the Bank of England will cut interest rates - possibly to zero from their historic low 0.5% - to stimulate the economy, and yields on government bonds fell below 1% for the first time, which could spell cheaper mortgage rates.
In a live broadcast just after 7am, as dealers in London braced for another day of turmoil, Osborne insisted: “our economy is about as strong as it could be to confront the challenge our country now faces”.


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