Isnin, 26 September 2016


. "I want to overthrow the government, there is no joke or comedy about it."

. "It is always important to have humour, I've always wanted to be an MP and it's always a joke in parliament."




ramai yang datang
dari gulungan kelas menengah
wilayah bahasa inggeris pj
dan beberapa kerat
anak muda counter culture

mereka tak pernah datang
forum gua di dewan china
mereka tak pernah dengar
perkataan fuck walau pun
mereka amat suka bila mendengar
lalu mereka ketawa terbahak bahak
kah kah kah

justeru baca laporan dalam BI
untuk sesama ketawa

Dituduh seksis pada Rosmah, aktivis jawab 'saya sizeist'

Aktivis Hishamuddin Rais dikritik kerana menyerang isteri perdana menteri Rosmah Mansor, berbanding menumpukan kepada dakwaan salah laku suaminnya Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Untuk itu, Hishamuddin didakwa cenderung membuat kenyataan berunsur seksis, kata seorang hadirin dalam acara forum membincangkan jenaka sebagai alat protes, “The Art of Mockery” di ibu negara semalam.
Seorang anggota panel Farah Rani yang juga pelakon cenderung berpandangan sama dan merasakan Hishamuddin membuat lawak yang tidak sesuai berkaitan berat badan Rosmah.

Katanya, Hishamuddin patut lebih fokus pada Najib sebagai perdana menteri dan subjek-subjek lain yang lebih menegsakan.

“Saya sizeist, bukan seksis,” jawab Hishamuddin.

“(Tetapi) saya terima (kritikan). Saya akan buat lebih banyak lawak pasal dia (Najib),” kata penulis, pengarah dan pelawak solo itu. 
Acara itu sebahagian pengisian dalam acara jualan seni Arts for Grabs di Petaling Jaya semalam.

sila baca yg ini

laporan penuh

untuk memahami

secara adil apa

yang gua buat

petang kelmarin
Focus on Najib's misdeeds, not Rosmah's size, Hisham Rais told
Activist Hishamuddin Rais came under fire for making personal remarks against Rosmah Mansor, the prime minister's wife, rather than focusing on alleged misdeeds of her husband Najib Abdul Razak.
In particular, a member of the audience at a panel discussion on 'The Art of Mockery' yesterday cited Hishamuddin's tendency to make sexist remarks, including against Rosmah.
The issue was raised in context of perceived blurred lines when using comedy as a social commentary tool.
Fellow panellist, actress Farah Rani, similarly called Hishamuddin out for making inappropriate comments on Rosmah's weight.
Farah argued that it was too easy to make such jokes and that Hishamuddin should focus more on Najib as the actual person elected into office, as well as other subject matter that could create more impact.
"I am a sizeist… not a sexist," Hishamuddin retorted.
"(But) I accept that (criticisms). I will make more fun of him...," said Hishamuddin, who is known as a writer and stand-up comic.
He also defended his verbal tirades against Rosmah as it has become public knowledge that he views her as being the more powerful of the couple.
Like Rosmah, Hishamuddin said, it was also common for the wives of other prime ministers, or presidents, to be seen as being more influential than their husbands.
Making fun of the authorities
The discussion, moderated by Projek Dialog, was held yesterday as part of the two-day Arts for Grabs event at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.
Hishamuddin earlier shared that his personal stance was to primarily make fun of authorities and individuals in positions of power.
"We identify the enemy as a character and we assault them with humour," he said, adding that the creative process is largely driven by anger from going-ons in the country.
Responding to a question on how the panellists have dealt with a perceived need to protect "Malay-Muslim" sensitivities, Hishamuddin said he believes that such concerns are actually state-sanctioned.
"Sensitivities in Malaysia are strengthened by the state because it is about (protecting) political power," he said, adding that the Malay community is not traditionally adverse to making fun of subjects now deemed as taboo.
Within the media circle, Cilisos.my editor-in-chief Lau Chak Onn (seated on the left) said his personal stand would be for the online portal to amplify the moderate views on Malay-Muslim related issues.
Lau, who is better known as Chak, said this was aside from adopting a neutral stance in coming up with balanced coverage of other general issues.
"Hisham and I are at the opposite end of the spectrum… We are both pushing different boundaries," Chak said.
Also on the panel was stage actress Maya Tan Abdullah from the Instant Cafe Theatre Company, which is noted for its satirical takes on various current issues over the years.

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