Sabtu, 23 Ogos 2008


Sebuah lori penuh dengan banner 'Anwar PM- Israel Buka Kedutaan' telah ditahan oleh Angkatan Muda Keadilan di Seberang Jaya.

Sekarang ini lori tersebut berada di Balai Polis Seberang Jaya.

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penyokong PR berkata...


the chinese are 100% solidly supporting DSAI to be the next PM of Malaysia.

to my malay and indian friends
come let us together show and prove our solidarity and rally
behind DSAI.

forget about saiful sinful or whatever fool .

Alhamdulilah everything went smoothly during nomination day.

just go all out and vote DSAI for he will not only be our MP but also our next PM for all Malaysian.

long live DSAI and may ALLAH
bless you and your family.


3:04 AM

hafiz berkata...

Cis! BeEnd da main makin kotoq! memang bangsa juboq ni susah sikit nak jadi soleh! hahahaha Pernah dikapiaq kan hj hadi pun maseh tak sedaq2 diri..hahaha

piiirah be end... yang melambak starbuck merata cerook tu bukanke tu proksi kuat israel? pooorah korang!

jemapohku berkata...

Salam perjuangan,
Banyak isu pelik @ menghairankan yang UMNO timbulkan. Terbaru, isu babi naik kembali, hebat betul babi-baik diSelangor.... nampaknya kuat betul beranak, seolah-olah babi2 tu wujud masa PR memerintah, tak ada langsung zaman Toyol Al Botoxi.
Hampeh, kalau babi pun nak dikomesilkan/jadikan ISU Vs PR, Memang orang UMNO ni pemikiran setara B**I gak kot!!!!!!
kesian kau "B**I"

Tanpa Nama berkata...

My fren who is closed to one of the BN top VIPs told me that there is worst to happen. It will get dirtier & dirtier. Just wait for the D-day. They will pay millions to 'the' person to make sure DSAI lose. Just wait & see.They will do what ever it takes to stop DSAI. To all DSAI supporters please pray hard.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Nampaknya budak2 umno 100% sure.. bulan ni adalah bulan yg terakhir untuk mereka memegang kuasa di putrajaya.. insha'Allah !!

chong berkata...

the penangite doesn't forget all the projects they have cancelled and the demise they have put our country into.

btw, head to MT. RPK has just given out an explosive 'news'!!!

it's greater than c4!!!

People berkata...

To All Pakatan Rakyat Supporters,

The issue of Swear on Quran and personal attack on DSAI from ex-PKR members have strongly affect some of voters support on DSAI.

The BN UMNO ministers keeps on emphasize DSAI not dare to swear on Quran to prove his innocent.
And many Malay voters had been influence by this.

So, if you have relative or friend who are the voter or your friend who have friend who are the voter, pls call them personally and try to explain to them based on below argument to those voters in Permatang Pauh. Ask them to convey the message to others.

1. Whoever commit the crime and then swear on Quran or bible to prove innocent, this meant this person is innocent?
In this case then just ask Bodohwi to destroy the Palace of Justice la!
2. If DSAI swear on Quran to prove innocent, then who the nations should believe?

Tell them the case is now in Court and a person is innocent until the guilty is being proven!
Ask them to pay attention on the current economic situation of the country.
If DSAI become the next PM, there will be massive developments in Permatang Pauh! Don't be fool by Arif Shah! And also don’t be fool by these UMNO ministers and BN!

BN is so desperate now!
They can do whatever dirty tricks regardless of the price!

We PR and DSAI can't afford to lose in this by election!

This is the time for Malays, Chineses, Indian and other races to stay united and show our support to DSAI by votes!

Our aim is not only WIN, but a BIG WIN for DSAI!Every votes does count! Pls request them to come out to vote for DSAI. Just take leave regardless of whether paid or unpaid if the location is too far.

People Power

alifreyes or berkata...

hidup PKR&DSAI

Tanpa Nama berkata...

ape nk jadi..

wallahi wabillahi watallahi..
hmm...sngnye pmimpin skg brsumpah..
umpama karaoke agknyer..
siap bleh gelak2 lgi..
cket pn xtkut..
YA ALLAH.,berikanlah petunjuk kepada mereka yg telah sesat..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

hahaha..erm...NOoo?? all this will beEND after this election..good bye erm...NO....beEND..