Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013


lebai mat entot ini
telah kahwin satu lagi di siam
surat kahwinya telah tersebar luas
dalam alam siber
dari facebook ke blog
surat entot lebai mat entot ini tersebar

kenapa mat entot ini makan curi curi
kah akh kah

siapa agaknya 
yang membocorkan surat entot ini
ini persoalan
ertinya dalam tim entot entot ini juga
ada ajen pakatan
kah kah kah

ini lebai mat entot
kah kah kah

lebai mat entot takut takutkan  orang melayu
rupa rupanya lebai mat entot
suka mengentot 
kah kah kah
lebai mat entot
tidak entot entot lari
kah kah kah

mengapa mengentot di siam
kenapa tak mengentot di kuala lumpur
kenapa nak mengentot lari keluar negar

masih menunggu jawapan
kah kah kah

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kampong lad berkata...

takut bini sebab bos dia pun takut bini.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

ustek Fenthot Bu.rt.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Bior laaa.. asalkan dia entot cara halal.. ni tengok ni: http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2013/01/19/fathul-bari-tak-salah-kahwin-di-thailand/

Tanpa Nama berkata...

1.sekurang-kurangnya ada seorang perempuan kristian telah diislamkan oleh si fathul bari melalui pernikahannya!!
2.yang ko ni bhaii!!dah senja masih hidup sorang!!atau ko dah "biasa" kahwin dengan orang kristian bila ko merempat dulu!!sebab tu ko cukup sokong kristian guna kalimah Allah!!
3.taubat!taubat la bhaii!!neraka amat menyeksakan bhaiii!!!

Tanpa Nama berkata...

saudagar agama gila bureet.....
bureet di malaysia 3 inci...
bureet filipina 4 inci.....
saudagar agama kaki kelentong

jawa peranakan berkata...

cakap berdegar-degar,sama bini sendiri pun takut.. itu pasal nikah di siam.. kah kah..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Salam uncle ,

I am very disappointed with this posting of yours which obviously showed that you did not put much research into it before you decided to put it up. This has led me to wonder if all your previous and future posts are credible. It reflected a gutter mentality with superficial understanding of current events.

Me and hubby first met fathul bari more than 10 years ago when we were medical students on our way back home from umrah. Although we do not meet up often , we try our best to attend his kuliyyah and usrah whenever he is in town.
Fathul Bari is man who has good knowledge of the Quran as well as authentic hadeeth. He has always been very principled and will live his last breath standing up for what he believes to be right. And those believes are not based on personal judgement but rather based on scriptures and hadeeth.
It may come to a surprise to people who are not well read that there are school of thoughts in the islamic world , based on good evidence , that in the current situation as what we muslims are facing in Malaysia , the answer to the political dilemma is to actually join this rotting ruling dominant party of UMNO and to change it from within.I believe that this is Fathul bari's conviction.

I know for a fact that Fathul bari has no great love for UMNO and it is not Democracy that he is fighting for. But i was not surprised when he joined it. He did what he did ( joining this garbage of a Party ) because he felt the responsibility as a learned religious man(ulama) to make positive changes within the limits and ethics set by Islam.
If you think that he did this for glory , fame or wealth , you are definitely wrong.

When fathul bari joined UMNO , he lost many friends and his life changed forever. If he had wanted the worldly gains , it would have made more sense for him , an intelligent youth with great potential and influence among young professionals, to join PAS or PKR. He could have even opted for the easy life by becoming a penceramah bebas or motivational speaker ; peddling prayed upon zam zam water or 'blessed' raisins and oerfumes. He could have built a very good business if he set up an umrah/haji travel agency , opened a second darul syifa etc etc..
But he did not. Rather this guy did a suicidal thing by joining UMNO. Why? Because he believes this to be right.

How true the prophet SAW 's words , that those at the end of time , who tries to uphold his sunnah will be akin to grasping embers.. This is exactly what Fathul bari is facing. Do you think that what he is going through is easy? Having to be around those slimy characters in UMNO while trying to propagate change in that filth of a party? and at the smae time having ppl left right and centre malign him without hearing the content of his thoughts.

before you create more sins for yourself and others who are influenced by you uncle , please meet fathul bari personally. Spend a day , an hour , a moment with this man and find out the intentions behind his actions. You potray yourself as a forward , educated and well travelled renaissance man. But have you actually explored and learned about your religion?

With regards to Fathul bari's recent marriage in Thailand , I shall not elaborate further as Fathul Bari has explained it very succinctly in his blog.
As a woman , i am awed by the strength of his wife and know that it is only for the sake of Allah that this couple decided on this decision. I hope you can respect her feelings by not posting hurtful post such as this.

Please write fairly uncle. Your actions will one day be accounted for. I hope that you are not like most old men whose thinking and believes are set in stone with no hope of learning new knowledge or the 'truth' which may not be to your liking.


- not a supporter of UMNO or BN , just a normal malaysian interested in what is right and fair

Tanpa Nama berkata...

ustad patuk lari...macam celaka... masuk umno buley duit banyak, sekali keluar fatwa cek keluar berpuluh ribu. maaaa puki ....menikah cerai sebulan sekali pun bulih..nama kata umno main duit saja... mau dok boh penerajang kasut saiz 40" betui peghot..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

woit anon 3.02,

panjang nye..........
janganlah nak menegak benang basah...
perhatikan betul2 ceramahnya...
skrg banyak membelit...
seperti ular mak membelit bini pertamanya.....
unsur menipu telah terbukti....
cubalah engko selami jiwa dgn isteri pertamanya......
betapa hancurnya hati....
walau apapun.....
selamat bersetubuh tuan fathul barua....bureet antarabangsa...
2 lagi bureet halal menanti....
entah bila?.....

Tanpa Nama berkata...

joining UMNO is an idiot....