Khamis, 1 Jun 2017







80 Killed, Over 300 Injured in Afghanistan: The streets were packed with commuters, women shopping and children going to school and the blast appears likely to result in a high civilian death toll.
Series of bombings kill nearly 40 people across Baghdad; A massive bombing by the Islamic State group outside a popular ice cream shop in central Baghdad and a rush hour car bomb in another downtown area killed at least 27 people on Tuesday
IS execute tens of civilians in Mosul, security shelling kills 16; Islamic State militants executed seven members of the same family earlier on Wednesday. They were attempting to flee their home in Mashahda region towards areas held by Iraqi security troops, the sources said.
Mass grave of relics of 60 civilians found in western Mosul: “The grave contained relics of 60 civilians, including elderly people and 23 women who worked as employees and lawyers as their ID cards found in their possession showed.”


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panglimo potaseh berkata...

Apa yang berlaku di Qabul, Mosul dan Baghdad tak sama dgn di Manchester. Di Qabul, Mosul dan Bangdad .. Sang Arab bergasak tatkala setan dgn aman damai di pasong dibulan Romoodhoon .. Setan dah takde pon mereka tetap bergasak .. ooo aku lupa setan bawah umur masih bebas .. setan jugak yg kena. Yahudi pun ada?