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panglimo potaseh berkata...

.. datok doktor lebai haji ustaz padillah SRP al-kottolli.. ini kira penyakit apa TaT.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Najib's trial commenced yesterday, Wed. 4th July, with 4 charges & with the lead prosecutor Tommy Thomas (TT) appllying for bail to be set at RM1 mil. for each charge, but with his lawyer, Shafie, objecting that it is too high. High Court Judge Justice Sofian Abd Razak finally set bail at RM1 mil for all the 4 charges.

Shafie also applied for an interim gag order against any statement that can potentially affect Najib's case as per all 4 charges and to which TT raised an objection, arguing that the principle of freedom of speech in the Federal Constitution should must always remain supreme.
Justice Sofian granted the application for the interim gag order.

Najib was so impressed with Shafie already, that he is confident of walking away free eventually.

However, it is to be made known, at this juncture, that Justice Sofian was born in Kuala Lipis, which is also the birthplace of Najib. Justice Sofian has a younger brother in Mohd Sofi Abd Razak who just happens to be ADUN for Benta (N5) in Pahang, representing UMNO / BN, in which Najib was the former supreme head.

When asked & mentioned to him, TT was not aware that Justice Sofian has a brother in Mohd Sofi, the UMNO State Executive Councillor of Pahang, also being the State from which Najib hails. Little wonder that Shafie got his ways in the trial, and Justice Sofian was exceptionally lenient and sympathetic to Najib.

To this effect, few retired Judges feel that Justice Sofian should be credible and recuse himself. While Justice Sofian was playing his part, Shafie is known for bribing judges to win his cases right up to Federal Court.

Chief Justice of Malaya (CJM) is Justice Ahmad Maarof, who, as one of his many responsibilities, basically decides which judge is assigned to hear any particular case. CJM is a Federal Court Judge who shuffles or arranges the sitting of judges and can discipline judges as to whether each one is discharging one's duties satisfactorily.

Justice Maarof's wife is a teacher who is active in Girl Guide Movement and is very close to Rosmah, Najib's wife.

So, one can now see the connections of each of the personalities involved in this trial as to establish whether it is fair.

Please viral in this info so that it really reaches all those concerned. Tq.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

kasarny bahasa... agakny nabi mcm nie ke? klu tak, mungkin lebaie boleh kluar patua ostat nie bukan pewaris nabi... ini ostat pewaris jari puaka... macam rimau becakapny...

Nazrio Dond DoLLa berkata...

JuaL obat2tan traditional moLek ostart ni... bukak d Chow kit...
Mesti angguk2 punyaaa...apa nak buat sit down comedy d mesjid sekarang Lagi Lumayan mesjid poh air-conditioning sekarang ni

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Sesungguhnya menjadi ustat adalah lesen besar utk memiliki 3-4 bini. Dara2 melayu kampung berlumba2 menyerah diri untuk dientot bergilir2 dgn madu masing2. Berbahagialah para ustat sekalian.

Tt, lu nak jadi ustat tak? Cenggini cara2nya:
1. Lu cakap melayu kasi meneran bunyik mcm arab.
2. Lu lilit serban di kepala dan berjubah 24jam.
3. Ditangan kanan lu gentel2 tasbih.

InsyaAllah lu terkeluar dari senarai gagalis.