Rabu, 16 November 2016


PELAN - PELAN BACA NI... PELAN - PELAN FAHAMKAN... Once upon a time in a Chinese province, There lived a King *Mao Hoo Tang* and queen *Mao Chin Chin* with their son *Mao Lah Lee* who were in deep debt. They decided to ask the Chinese emperor to borrow 60 billion. 

The Chinese emperor gave them the money on condition that *Mao Thoom Pang* and *Mao Mah Kan* will get contracts and occupy their land. Cleverly, *Mao Hoo Tang* will channel the money to *Mao Jor Li (aka JL)* to repay the debts of Mao Wan Dibi, leaving us the tax payers and their grandchildren's children to repay the loan. 

Soon *Mao Tham Ba* from LHDN will raise taxes and his officers *Mao Koo Thip* and *Mao Tang Kap* will come after the people. Ordinary people like *Mao Peng San* and *Mao Poh Kai*. Unless we *Mao Oo Bah* we will all *Mao Poh Kai* or become *Mao Mah Tee* by *Mao Moon Tah* ���������������� on HABIS TERGADAI
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