Jumaat, 21 Julai 2017



najib sudah terima laporan
dari sb 
dari penasehat
najib dah baca laporan berita
15 ribu di melaka
3 ribu di kota tinggi
puluan ribu kelmarin di tanjung
semua nak jumpa mahathir
ini bahaya

dulu mahathir maha zalim
sekarang mahathir  maha harapan

jika ombak maha harapan berterusan
jika ombak  berpanjangn
hari hari akhir saekor najib
akan sampai cepat

langkah ngo
langkah kerajaan selangor
langkah kerajaan pulau pinang
membawa SPR ke mahkamah
untuk gagalkan projek penipuan
untuk batal persempadan semula
untuk lambatkan pru14

najib sedang gelabah
najib beri arahan sana sini
najib beri arahan terutama pada SPR

SPR telah melakukan
yang terbaik untuk najib
senarai pengundi 1994 - 2003 
telah hilang dilupus

ini maknanya penipuan sedang berjalan
ini maknanya SPR sedang menipu
ini maknanya ramai pengundi sah
akan dihilang nama dari daftar
ini maknanya ramai 
pengundi hantu
akan masuk mengundi

ini maknanya PRU14 
akan dicepatkan
sebelum mahathir
sebelum maha harapan
dapat menyusun


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Tanpa Nama berkata...

Tuan penasehat ikut arab, jadi najib pun setelah dapat donation raja arab sekarang nak ikut style arab jugak...
July 20, 2017
(Reuters) - On Tuesday June 20 Mohammed bin Nayef, a powerful figure in Saudi Arabia's security apparatus for the past two decades and the next in line to the throne, was summoned to meet King Salman bin Abdulaziz on the fourth floor of the royal palace in Mecca.
There, according to a source close to MbN, as he is known, the king ordered him to step aside in favour of the king's favourite son, Mohammed bin Salman. The reason: an addiction to painkilling drugs was clouding MbN's judgment.
The king came to meet MbN and they were alone in the room. He told him: I want you to step down, you didn't listen to the advice to get treatment for your addiction which dangerously affects your decisions, said the source close to MbN.
The new details about the extraordinary meeting between the king and MbN that touched off the de facto palace coup help to explain the events that are reshaping the leadership of the world's biggest oil exporting nation.
A senior Saudi official said the account was totally unfounded and untrue in addition to being nonsense.
The story depicted here is a complete fantasy worthy of Hollywood, the official said in a statement to Reuters, which did not refer to MbN's alleged use of drugs.
The official said MbN had been removed in the national interest and had not experienced any pressure or disrespect. Reasons for his dismissal were confidential.
Sources with knowledge of the situation said however that the king was determined to elevate his son to be heir to the throne and used MbN's drug problem as a pretext to push him aside.
Three royal insiders, four Arab officials with links to the ruling house of Saud, and diplomats in the region, told Reuters that MbN was surprised to be ordered to step aside.
It was a big shock to MbN, said a Saudi political source close to MbN. It was a coup. He wasn't prepared.
The sources said MbN did not expect to be usurped by the often impulsive Mohammed bin Salman, who MbN considered to have made a number of policy blunders, such as his handling of the Yemen conflict and cutting financial benefits to civil servants.
The high-stakes power grab has placed sweeping powers in the hands of the 32-year-old Mohammed bin Salman, also known as MbS, and appears designed to speed his accession to the throne.
Should he get the job, the young prince will preside over a kingdom facing tough times from depressed oil prices, the conflict in Yemen, rivalry with an emboldened Iran and a major diplomatic crisis in the Gulf.
The source close to MbN acknowledged that he had health issues, which were aggravated after an al Qaeda attacker tried to blow himself up in front of him in his palace in 2009. The health issues were corroborated by three other sources in Saudi Arabia and Arab official sources with links to the royal family.
An Arab source with close Saudi links also provided a similar account of the meeting at which King Salman asked MbN to step down because of his alleged drug addiction.
These sources said MbN had shrapnel in his body that could not be removed and he depended on drugs such as morphine to alleviate the pain. One source said MbN had been treated in clinics in Switzerland on three occasions in recent years. Reuters was unable to confirm this independently.

Tanpa Nama berkata...


bole tanya sikit?

hantu altantuyaa ada?
hantu teo beng hock ada?
hantu 1969 ada?
hantu memali ada?
hantu keretapi maut ada?

kalo gitu, banyak banyak banyak hantu ar!

satu bomoh mana bole KAUTIM dengan hantu hantu ini?
kalo songkol dengan pawang, songkol dengan dukun, pon tarak gerenti menang!

yang gerenti, tumbang aje.......
tapi tumbang yang mana satu, yang jadi tanda tanya?


p.s. berwaspada dengan R.A.H.M.A.N.!!!!! RAHMAN akan datang!!!!!