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Tanpa Nama berkata...


Tanpa Nama berkata...

Apakah Najis dan kroninya masih bersikap pekak badak dan tak mahu menerima hakikat jumlah sebanyak itu? Utusan Meloya akan menaksirkan jumlah yang turun adalah seramai 2,000 orang saje.
Kalu Najis buat pekak badak maka BERSIH 4.0 mesti menyusul!

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Dear TT,

It's worth it!

DSAI, U R THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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why want to kacau-kacau? malaysia demokerasi what. every 5 year got erection.

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Hello sir

I do not mean to be a cybertrooper and I am not a cybertrooper. In fact, if possible, this comment need not be published. Just a question though, if BERSIH 3.0 on the 28th day of April in the year 2012 is a success, what does it mean? That 250000 people gathered on sunny afternoon day in downtown Kuala Lumpur and after being fool by the police, were mercilessly "gunned down" by chemical-laced water and suffocating tear-gas?

In my years on being part of a retreat where after a weekend of HIGH, there inevitably will come the LOW of "what's next?"

What is next then? UMNO will refuse to budge in all the demands and will be even more rampant in their cheating preparation to win the election and what's are the people going to do? Sit and watch the country being stolen?

Another BERSIH? 4.0? 5.0? I do hope all this make a difference to all the beatings.

The anger against the police is real. They are human being and should have feelings about another human being but if they don't then they deserve to be a fair game for anybody, as much as we claim we are peaceful Malaysian.

Budak Lanchang berkata...

blah la tt. mana kebebasan bersuara. pooooooorahh..

jumpa keling, jumpa tt, ketuk zul nordin dulu. KAH KAH KAH.

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Whether Bersih 3 is a success or not is immaterial ..what is more important is the fact that there is growing hatred towards the current government. Only a blind will say that the turnout for bersih 3 is lower than the previous one. if this trend continues..then it spells trouble for Ah Jib Gor ...he may be required to hide inside his dearest lady's skirt to save face.....

Amru berkata...

lol 5thn br ada erection.kahkahkah mati pucuk ka?