Rabu, 10 Mei 2017



amerika sedang kacau bilau
semenjak trump jadi presiden
daulah terpendam terus menyerang
presiden trump

ini kerana deep state
atau daulah terpendam
mahu trump ikut skrip
yang telah mereka sediakan

trump dilihat tak tentu hala
mula mula tibai korea utara
lepas tu bersedia nak jumpa
pemimpin agong korea utara

tibai china tuduh china penipu
china meniaga cara tak betul
tetiba kata china okay pulak

tapi dibelakang semua ini
ialah niat trump nak berbaik
dengan russia dengan putin

kita lihat apa akan terjadi
pada presiden trump ini
dia jadi nixon
dia jadi j.f.k
  • FBI director James Comey has been fired by Donald Trump, who said in a letter that Comey was being “terminated and removed” because he was “not able to effectively lead the bureau.
  • The sacking came after attorney general Jeff Sessions and deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein recommended to Trump that he be removed over his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, but critics believe the dismissal is more closely linked to Comey’s role in investigating Trump’s allies over alleged links to Russian interference in the 2016 election.
  • Comey found out he had been fired while speaking to FBI employees in Los Angeles. He reportedly thought it was a prank.
  • The controversial move has been condemned by Democrats, many of whom said the sacking was “Nixonian” and some high profile Republicans including Trump supporters.
  • Justin Amash, a Republican congressman from Michigan said he was reviewing legislation to establish an independent commission on Russia in the wake of the news.
  • Richard Burr, a Republican leading the Senate intelligence committee investigation into Russia’s influence over the 2016 presidential election, said he was “troubled by the timing and reasoning” of the decision.
  • Chuck Schumer, Democratic minority leader in the Senate, said he told Trump he was “making a very big mistake.”
  • Meanwhile, a CNN report claims that a grand jury has been convened and has started issuing subpoenas relating to the FBI’s Russia probe. The development, if confirmed suggests the investigation has entered a new phase.


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