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Isnin, 16 Mac 2009


Mengikut Madey pemimpin gerombolan yang hendak dilantik nanti mestilah bebas dari rasuah.

Mengikut Madey ahli-ahli kabinet Najib mesti tidak terlibat dalam rasuah. Jika ada yang rasuah maka Madey akan berkempen untuk menjatuhkan Najib.

Ini sebenarnya perang saraf Madey untuk memastikan warga Malaysia memberi simpati kepada Najib calon Madey.

Ahli-ahli kabinet yang ada pada hari ini adalah juga ahli kabinet Madey. Kenapa baru sekarang sedar? Kenapa sudah pencen baru sedar tentang rasuah?

Berapa ramai gerombolan yang bertanding tidak terlibat dalam rasuah?

Rafidah, Jamaluddin Jarjis, Azlina, Ali Rustam, Muhamad Taib dan Muhyidin Yassin adalah contoh-contoh yang terbukti tidak ada terlibat dalam kes rasuah. Apakah jumlah ini cukup untuk Najib membuat kabinet. Jadi tidak dapat tidak Najib terpaksa juga mengambil Mukriz.

Kah kah kah… rupa rupanya ini cara Madey berkempen untuk Najib dan anaknya….kah kah kah.

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Tok Uban berkata...

Laaaa.....kau tak nampak lagi ke?...tujuan madey bantai Pak lah kerana dia tahu, Pak Lah akan naikkan KJ....dia nak mukriz naik...sebab...cita-cita dia, mukriz jadi PM selepas Mahyuddin...itu aje..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Sarkas: Boss, boss, have you read the latest from the old man? Aiyo finish la boss like this.

Boss: Now what, haven't I got enough problems already? Now what has that ancient man to say? Why he cannot retire quietly ka? Lah is going already what? Still not happy ka?

Sarkas: It's a veiled threat boss. He wants you to pick a clean Cabinet or he will get you. I mean its like asking you to get a rock from a gas planet.

Boss: That's an open threat, not a veiled one.

Sarkas: Oh it's veiled alright. Can't you see that he wants you to pick as many of his people as possible? Pick his people, meaning his sons and his balls carriers and he keeps quiet.

Boss: Is that what he meant? Maybe he really wanted me to pick clean people.

Sarkas: Common boss, don't you think he knows that there are no clean people in our organisation to chose from? He should know because he was the one responsible.

Boss: Yes la, last time we could still find a few good men but when he came in he took the dirty ones in only to hold them by the balls.

Sarkas: But boss, if you pick his people, where are you going to throw our people? Remember they worked hard for you and I am sure they won't be happy. You won't last long la boss.

Boss: Oh god, this headache is killing me. How many do you thing would make him happy?

Sarkas: To make him happy you have to fill the whole cabinet with all of his people. Even the janitors and tea ladies must be from kerala la boss.

Boss: That's impossible? Where am I going to throw you? What, he wants me to take his grandchildren also ka?

Sarkas: Enough is enough la boss, you must not give in.

Boss: What if he unleashed his people on me like he did to Lah? I have got more hidden skeletons.

Sarkas: I have an idea la boss, I'll talk to our people to be patient. We give them some big contracts and I am sure they would be happy and in the mean time, you pick some really clean people as long as none of them are from his camp.

Boss: Yes, yes, that's a good idea. You compile a list for me.

Sarkas: Actually I have already got the list boss. Here.

Boss: Give me, .........., WHAT!!!!!!!

Sarkas: Why boss? What's wrong?

Boss: This list is full of PAS, DAP, PKR and PSM people. Even Ibrahim Ali's name is not in. What is this, Kit Siang, Hadi Awang, Nik Aziz, Nurul Izzah, Gopalakrishnan and and and er er ...... not even one from our party.

Sarkas: Yes la boss, we want clean people what. At least I have your name up there as PM.

by Kata Tak Nak