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Singapore meeting: what we know so far

Donald Trump has sounded an upbeat tone after holding talks with Kim Jong-un in Singapore. Here are the main developments

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have greeted each other warmly at the Capella hotel in Singapore and signed what Trump called a “comprehensive” document. The US president said the talks with Kim have been “better than anybody could imagine”.

Kim said: “Today we have had a historic meeting, we decided to leave the past behind. The world will see a major change. I would like to express my gratitude to President Trump for making this meeting happen.”

Earlier, Trump and Kim met on the steps of the hotel on Sentosa island and shook hands in front of a display of US and North Korean flags. The handshake lasted about 12 seconds, but was relatively benign by Trump standards.

As they walked off together, Kim said to Trump through an interpreter: “Many people in the world will think of this as a form of fantasy from a science fiction movie.”

Sitting down together for a brief photo call before officials talks, Trump said it was an “honour” to be there with the North Korean leader.

Kim said the pair had overcome many “obstacles” to make it to the summit.


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