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Dr. Shaaribu telah dijemput oleh badan Hak Asasi untuk datang ke Paris untuk membuat laporan polis terhadap kes pembunuhan anaknya Siti Aminah Abdullah. Ini adalah kenyatan Dr. Shaaribu.

DR SHAARIIBUU SETEV's statement on Najib Razak's visit to Paris this October 5-6, 2009- in memory of the murder of his daughter Altantuya Shaariibuu in Malaysia on 19 October 2006.

I am sorry I could not be in Paris, France to meet Mr. Najib Razak, while he is on his official tour as Prime Minister of Malaysia. I am sick and have been hospitalised due to poor health. I had so wished to speak to Mr Najib and send him this message and to shake his hand. I tried to meet him at the Malaysian Parliament in 2007, but he left the House early and my trip there was not complete.

It's been three painful years since my daughter Altantuya Shaariibuu died mercilessly in the hands of the Malaysian Royal Police. She died on October 19, 2006, during the month of Ramadham, which is one of the holiest months for the Muslims.

She was blown up by military explosives and the reason for her grotesque murder is still unknown until today. Although the two policemen(Azilah Shaari and Sirul Omar) involved in her murder has been convicted and are facing a death sentence, my family and I are still unable to explain to my two grandsons, Altantuya's sons- Altanshagai and Multanshagai - that their mother had died so violently and cruelly in a far away land called Malaysia.

I hope PM. Mr. Najib Razak enjoys his trip to France, where a deal with a French company which his close friend Abdul Razak Baginda help brokered led to the circumstances surrounding my daughter's murder. It cannot be denied that she died being a translator for a Malaysian company to purchase French submarines worth a billion Euros and know of many things that the neither the Malaysian nor the French public know about.

I have filed a civil suit against the two policemen and the Malaysian government to compensate for the death of my daughter. She was the soul bread winner of her two sons. Now her two children are left orphans and I am very uncertain of their future and my wife and I are growing in years and we are not wealthy people. It is only fair and just that the Malaysian government take responsibility for what had happenned to my daughter.

The two policemen committed this most hideous murder of my then 28 year old daughter while being under the service of Najib Razak, who was then Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister. Najib’s aide de camp, DSP Musa Safri was reported to have told the policeman (chief inspector Azilah) to help Abdul Razak Baginda, deal with Altantuya, when she was said to be visiting him to ask for her commissions. However, Musa Safri was never asked to appear in court to be questioned about his involvement in this case.

With so many closely linked to Najib in this murder, it is impossible and irresponsible for Najib to now wash his hands off this mater and act as if none of this tragedy has befallen my daughter and my family.

The French company involved in the Malaysian deal also cannot escape with impunity. My daughter would not have met her cruel death if the deal had been transparent and fair.

I appeal on behalf of my deceased daughter, my wife, my two grandsons and all Mongolian citizens, not to let my daughter Altantuya die in vain. Her body may have been blasted into a million unrecognisable pieces, but our hearts remain one: to seek justice for my beloved daughter, to put her spirit to rest, and to ensure her orphaned son have a reasonable future.

Thank you.

Sincerely, from a Mongolia citizen whose daughter was murdered by police in Malaysia:Dr Shaariibuu Setev.

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Johan berkata...

kalau lah Setev ni tak terpedaya dgn Syed Rahman Alhabshi dan gi serahkan dossier yg ada bukti2 dan gambar mat Mongol dgn altantuya n razak baginda kat polis,mungkin da jauh beza da situasi sekarang ni..

Hairi Hashim berkata...

terlalu byk kesimpulan, sampai tersimpul diri sendiri...

inilah pemimpin yg berdedikasi.... kah kah kah...

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Mr. Setev, in Islam prays of people that being oppressed/brutalised by other people will be answered by Allah regardless they are Muslim or Kaffir. So keep on praying. I am sure soon your pray will be answered.

-Kluang Lady, Malaysia-

Tanpa Nama berkata...

tolong terjemahlah, aku kerja kilang.. mana paham omputeh..
korang bolehlah, kami yang kerja kilang ni nak tau jugak..

Batu Caves Citizen berkata...

..kasi terjemah then spam maklumat ni biar 1Malaysia tauuu!!!

digger berkata...

Najib pukimak!

Tanpa Nama berkata...

apa lagi.. mari kita sama2 tunggu adakah najib akan dihadapkan ke hak asasi manusia antarabangsa.. jeng..jeng.. tunggu dan lihat.. atau pon lepas nie najib dah takut puyuh nak ke oversea lagi..?? huhu..