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This Bull Was Chained And Neglected His Whole Life. His Reaction To Freedom Is So Touching

Imagine living your whole life tied to a chain inside a tiny steel enclosure just big enough to fit your frame. It's an unimaginably horrible existence, but it's the stark reality for millions of stock animals around the world. Thankfully, there are people out there who work to help these animals, and it's because of them that Bandit the bull was able to finally be free.
Bandit had been raised in a steel box, but the moment he steps out of his cage and realizes that he's been set free? He goes absolutely wild with joy and starts jumping around as if he were a puppy!
This rescue was made possible by Gut Aiderbichl, an animal sanctuary based in Austria. They focus a lot of their efforts on larger animals such as horses and cattle, but they also take in sheep, pigs, and goats. These animals are difficult to keep in conventional shelters, so the sanctuary does its best to care for those that are often overlooked. I'm just so glad they were able to get Bandit!
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Rakyat akan jadi macam lembu bebas juga jika M.O.1. masok kandang kerbau !!!!!

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Rantai dan gari Hukum Hakam

Dan manusia yang di-rantai dengan hukum-hakam agama.
Tiada ke-bebasan.

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Bebas apa bendanya. Harapan palsu. Lepas ni kena sembelih.

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