Selasa, 26 Ogos 2008


Saya dalam perjalanan ke ibu pejabat.

Satu mesyuarat bakal diadakan.

Dalam perjalanan ternampak CheGuBard sedang menjadi ketua sorak.

Dia kelihatan seperti gila megafon.

Tian Chua pula asyik mengangkat tangan ke kiri dan ke kanan.

4 ulasan:

MAHAGURU58 berkata...


I am relieved that at least you are here updating us by the minute about the situation there.

The TV channels aren't reporting anything = = = = = which CONFIRMS THAT ANWAR HAS WON!!!!

Malaysiakini is UNACCESSIBLE!


Thank God for Tukar Tiub!!!

Pakatan Rakyat owes you a bloody gold medal on media coverage sir!!!

Please update us as to the exact number of votes garnered by DSAI!

I don't believe the votes gained by Arif the BN scapegoat!

I mean if there were several empty buses where the ghosts had gone to vote, those numbers aren't legit!!!

Cursed be those who have cheated in the poll!!!

They may get away with it here on Earth but in the Akhirat, they'll get their dues, for sure!!!

xshiri berkata...

hang kutuk diorg kaw2 ek....ehehe

OMGGosh berkata...

Thanks for every min update on results and what is happen in Permatang Pauh .

Kudos Bro.

Asimo Shariz berkata...

terima kasih